What does a movie site look like when you don't want anything from the studios but the movies?

Welcome to Formerly Dangerous by Drew McWeeny.

Who am I and why is it called that?

Well, I’m Drew McWeeny. I make stuff, and I talk about stuff people make. That's pretty much the deal. I loved ‘80s All Over as much as you did. Maybe more.

I have also been, at various points, a playwright, a screenwriter, and the mighty Moriarty, known during my time at Ain’t It Cool News as the most dangerous man in Hollywood. I’ve terrified and infuriated some of your favorite filmmakers, and I’ve been banned from both Skywalker Ranch and 20th Century Fox at various times.

While I am no longer dangerous… mostly… I am more convinced than ever that there is something very wrong with the way movies are covered, and with the control that studios have over the narrative. I could sit on the sidelines and bitch about it, or I can get busy writing the kind of site I’d want to read.

So welcome. I promise not to burn too many bridges. I’m much kinder these days.


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