Paid subscriptions are here!

Are you as excited as I am? Lord, I hope so

I feel like Ruprecht the Monkey Boy, running in circles and banging two saucepans together, yelling “OKLAHOMA!” right now. I am positively brimming over with excitement because today is the day we’ve been building to since the launch of the newsletter.

It’s time for paid subscriptions.

I’ve gone around and around on this one, and I am kicking things off at $7 per month. I’m going to be posting four times a week at least, including discussion threads, and if you’re a paid subscriber, you’ll have access to everything I publish and you’ll be able to post comments on every piece.

You’ll also be on my mailing list for discounts when I publish book-length work over at the Pulp & Popcorn Store, and you’ll be the first to know about the exciting developments ahead this year. And believe me… there are exciting developments ahead.

I have done my best this month to give you a preview of what the newsletter’s going to look like, but it’s obviously still developing. I’ll be fine-tuning things as I go, and your feedback is part of that. So far, you’ve been amazing, and I’ve enjoyed this as much as I’ve enjoyed anything I’ve published in the last 25 years.

Right now, we’re open for business. I’m going to have my first paid post here next Friday, the weekly Friday Snapshot we’ve been doing, and I’m looking forward to seeing how many of you are here for it.

It’s a brave new world, folks. Let’s do this a different way this time, with no advertising, no clickbait, and no hype. This is all about what you’re interested in reading, and how much you’re willing to support it.

$7 a month seems like a very small amount. That’s less than the price of a single movie ticket, and I think putting it in that perspective should make it an easy decision. And if you buy an annual subscription, it’s even less than that.

There’s an ocean of media out there. Let’s figure it out together.


Image courtesy Orion Pictures