Sitemap - 2022 - Formerly Dangerous

Another update on what's going on

Catching the Car

The vibe shift continues as we heap praise on SHE-HULK, ANDOR, and one of the best Film Nerd 2.0 screenings of all time

The newsletter's going through a bit of a vibe shift

Why is there a brand new FLETCH no one knows exists?

PINOCCHIO and D23 are a hard double-feature for Disney

James Bond Declassified: LICENCE TO KILL

Which streamer's fantasy world is the one we want to drown in the most?

A 4K Free-For-All

George Miller casts a spell with his gorgeous new grown-up fantasy

The Hip Pocket #29: BARRY LYNDON

A Bullet Train, Bertolucci, the Before trilogy, and Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

The Hip Pocket #28: BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK

The Hip Pocket #27: THE MUPPET MOVIE

James Bond Declassified: THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS

Our Friday Free-For-All features a sweet seashell and some animated Quick Bites

The Hip Pocket #26: HEATHERS

Jordan Peele's latest is the sly sleek summer entertainment we were waiting for

The Hip Pocket #25: THE THIN MAN

We kick off our ongoing look at 50 years of the X rating with De Palma and De Niro

The Hip Pocket #24: DO THE RIGHT THING

Dinos disappoint while we drown in streaming series in our first Friday round-up

A Film Nerd 2.0 birthday milestone leads to the wildest movie marathon so far

Is CHA CHA REAL SMOOTH better than that terrible title?

James Bond Declassified: A VIEW TO A KILL

MAD magazine, Harlan Ellison, and a fistful of forbidden magazines feature as we continue our trip through how we got here

TOP GUN, OBI-WAN, and STRANGER THINGS all serve up pipin' hot nostalgia

NOTHIN' BUT STAR WARS: "Everyone hated the prequels"

We begin a very special birthday celebration with Jim Henson, STAR WARS and Muhammad Ali

The new Kids in the Hall is so much more than just a nostalgic retread

We may have underestimated the silly pirate show

James Bond Declassified: OCTOPUSSY

We tackle the mountain of Too Much Everything to discuss Nic Cage, ATLANTA, and more


James Bond Declassified: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

A tale of two moon knights

We kick off a week of Quick Bites and updates

THE BATMAN and TURNING RED both shine in different ways

A fistful of Quick Bites as we get back to work

Should we even be trying to turn video games into movies?

We wrap up the year-end lists and pick some honorable mentions

They closed THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT just in time

30 Reasons 2021 Didn't Totally Suck - PART TWO

JACKASS rules and MOONFALL drools as we look at last weekend's releases

30 Reasons 2021 Didn't Totally Suck - PART ONE

Apple's AFTERPARTY is an invitation you should accept

A HARD DAY'S NIGHT sets a new standard for 4K black-and-white

SCREAM is one of the few legacy sequels with something to say

One of our favorite oddball titles makes a glorious Blu-ray debut

So about that MATRIX review...

We kick off 2022 with some quick bites and a look ahead

The Hip Pocket #23: BOYHOOD

The Hip Pocket #22: LAWRENCE OF ARABIA