Sitemap - 2021 - Formerly Dangerous

A few final quick bites as we say goodbye to 2021

SPIDER-MAN swings, NIGHTMARE smolders, and Cameron's starting his big push back to Pandora

SUCCESSION sticks the season three landing hard enough to leave a bruise

A quick Friday review round-up includes Almodóvar and Edgar Wright

Spielberg's WEST SIDE STORY claims well-trod turf as its own

It's finally time for VOIR

Paul Thomas Anderson's charming dream of the '70s sends me back in time


Time to kick off the new schedule

GHOSTBUSTERS AFTERLIFE feels like the inevitable dead end for modern fan culture

You're never going to believe what I saw in the theater...

How far can you bend the superhero genre before it breaks?

A Halloween weekend concludes with 'the final boss battle of Film Nerd 2.0'

Is Denis' DUNE worth the trip?

Wait a minute, THE LAST DUEL is actually funny?!

What in the tapdancing heck is VOIR?

The regular newsletter returns with quick thoughts on James Bond and a fistful of other films

James Bond Declassified: MOONRAKER

James Bond Declassified: THE SPY WHO LOVED ME

James Bond Declassified: THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN

James Bond Declassified: LIVE AND LET DIE

James Bond Declassified: DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER


James Bond Declassified: YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE

James Bond Declassified: THUNDERBALL

James Bond Declassified: GOLDFINGER

James Bond Declassified: FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE

James Bond Declassified: DR. NO

Dear EVAN HANSEN... what the hell, dude?

We've got some big feelings about that MATRIX RESURRECTIONS trailer

The Hip Pocket #20: IKIRU

SHANG-CHI lands its punches thanks to best-ever Marvel action

The Hip Pocket #19: ERASERHEAD

We contemplate CANDYMAN and two rumpled lions in today's review round-up

The Hip Pocket #18: SORCERER

The Hip Pocket #17: LIFE OF BRIAN

The Hip Pocket #16: HUDSON HAWK

We review FREE GUY and THE SUICIDE SQUAD in a Friday freebie

ANNETTE pulls all the right strings but never comes to life

The Hip Pocket #15: BLOW-UP

Catching up with recent reading and some thoughts on THE GREEN KNIGHT

Is Warner Bros chasing sandworms or a white whale with DUNE?

Let us speak of SPACE JAM just this once and then never again

A few thoughts on LOKI and TAXI DRIVER

Sixteen hours of birthday celebration with Film Nerd 2.0

We wade into this week's barrage of new releases

We dig into LOKI and BLACK WIDOW in a Marvel double-decker

A movie anniversary has us feeling all the feelings

The Hip Pocket #14: PREDATOR

The highs of HEIGHTS and lows of LUCA


The Hip Pocket #12: QUICK CHANGE

A quartet of quick reviews to kick off June

What's going to get you back in theaters in June?

A QUIET PLACE PART II is our first theatrical review in over a year

WOMAN IN THE WINDOW disappoints, but MYTHIC QUEST soars in season two

Are we entering a springtime for movies?

The Hip Pocket #11: FREEBIE AND THE BEAN

MORTAL KOMBAT lands some punches but leaves no mark

Tarantino reimagines ONCE UPON A TIME for paperback

The Hip Pocket #10: THE AGE OF INNOCENCE

The Hip Pocket #9: HOMICIDE


Godzilla vs Kong reviewed

Things get difficult today as we discuss ALLEN V FARROW and toxic fandom

Bob Odenkirk leaves a bruise in the terrific new NOBODY

We have, indeed, seen ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE

We kick off our hybrid Sundance and SXSW coverage with THE SPARKS BROTHERS and more

Minari and Raya and the specificity of the universal

Sometimes, you do it all right but it still adds up wrong

What's the best way to build buzz?

The exquisite NOMADLAND is finally available at home

What flavor of cheese do you prefer?

Nothin' But STAR WARS #5

This week's non-crisis in criticism

The Hip Pocket #7: A SHOT IN THE DARK

WandaVision makes some big moves this week

Nothin' But STAR WARS #4

Struggling with some confounding new releases

Nothin' But STAR WARS #3

Hulu scores a very special hit with IN & OF ITSELF

Moving Day


Nothin' But STAR WARS #2

The Hip Pocket #5: EVE'S BAYOU

Is there an echo in here?

The Hip Pocket #4: BELL, BOOK & CANDLE

Franchise potential in the age of AT&T

The Interview

The Hip Pocket #3: NEVADA SMITH

The Hip Pocket #2: GAMBIT

The Hip Pocket #1: THE CABLE GUY