Sitemap - 2020 - Formerly Dangerous

Did you have Wonder Woman or Soul under your tree this year?

A Quick Christmas Note

In an IP-driven Hollywood, original voices feel more urgent than ever

Is "stagey" really a bad thing for a film to be?

HBO Max and Disney Plus make a case for a permanent paradigm shift

Nothin' but STAR WARS...

Let's talk about HBO Max and the alleged 'death of movie theaters'

Take Me To Church: Jurassic Summer

A quick note on the holidays

An unlikely source offers up a lesson in healing

Hollywood's "poor drag" is a drag, indeed

Young superheroes, right and wrong

What could David Fincher's MANK and Brandon Cronenberg's POSSESSOR possibly have in common?

New Star Wars, new Bill Murray, and movies as church are all on our mind this weekend

Alex Winter makes a case for why Zappa mattered in his exceptional new documentary

FREAKY is no-holds-barred smart slasher fun with a twist

Are you leaning into horror this year or does 2020 make that redundant?

Could James Bond really DIE at home?

Two new films spotlight American highs and lows from hope to horror

Can movies be a love language?

Gibney's TOTALLY UNDER CONTROL isn't surprising but it is infuriating

Can racial tension be good entertainment in the year of #BLM?

Exploding teenagers, hippie cosplay, and brand-new Fincher

It's Fargo, so it's pretty good, ya know

If Robert Zemeckis isn't too big for streaming, who is?

Crazy discoveries and quiet giants

Cult members, serial bigamists, and motorcycle trips with old friends

Pryor's honesty, Kaufman's loneliness, and Scorsese's masterwork all share a Sunday spotlight

Criterion throws an Albert Brooks party

Blink, Marvel! Blink already!

The CUTIES controversy is a dangerous fraud

Hype is the mind-killer as the DUNE trailer arrives

Does TENET's opening tell us anything about anything?

Is it Tenet day or Mulan day where you are?

HBO's Class Action Park is an honest look at the reckless '80s

Bill & Ted make a most excellent return, dudes

Oh, god help me, I've got an idea

Here comes the suck

The Friday Free-For-All makes its debut

We're back with a trio of new reviews

Let's end the summer with an at-home film festival

A fistful of Friday reviews spotlight comedy, documentaries and more

What does Mulan mean to the larger conversation about PVOD?

We say goodbye to Alan Parker, director of FAME, THE COMMITMENTS and EVITA

Getting back my taste for food

What movie do you most want to see during the pandemic?

A double helping of Meat Loaf wraps up a Film Nerd birthday

NBC's Peacock should be plucked and roasted

What won your personal movie weekend?

Have you ever seen a movie at the exact right time?

100 issues in, we take a moment to reflect

As our first film nerd turns 15, we look back at the ride so far

Film Nerd 2.0 asks: Can you share problematic movies with your kids?

Another round with Apatow on honesty and influences

Judd Apatow on Sanders, Shandling, and Quarantine Movie Nights

Michael Keaton's the Bat again and George R.R. Martin is making pages... are these the end times?

David Koepp's haunted house movie is scary dull

What makes a TV show stick in your memory?

We dig into new fantasies both fresh and foul

When adaptations miss their mark

GONE WITH THE WIND isn't going anywhere

Pete Davidson's new film highlights important ideas amidst shaggy stoner comedy

Pride and Privilege

We are what we watch

What dream double-feature would you program to re-open theaters?

What movies do you use to mark your milestones?

Dispatches from the streaming wars

Do you dream of drive-in movies?

It's a Snyder Cut, but is it 'the' Snyder Cut?

Are you allowed to change your mind?

"Will Work For Food Or Movies"

Scooby-Doo and Capone fight it out for home viewers

Hamilton heads home and leaves money on the table in the process

A mother's day look at the movies that shaped me

'Remake' doesn't have to be a dirty word

Can there be a mainstream if we don't have common viewing spaces?

Getting weird with the kids as we pick quarantine films

Clouseau marathons and Bill Murray vs a hurricane

The Half-Century Dream, Part 1

Do film scores live separate from the films where they originate?

Kicking off the countdown to 50

Judd Apatow and Pete Davidson opt to conquer Staten Island from home

Who was your first movie star fixation?

What if there's no way back to normal from here?

Getting animated in quarantine with Netflix

The Dirty Kid

Vampires, Tin Men, and Fine Young Cannibals on a Saturday Free-For-All

Is it okay to be happy right now?

Both small films and epics are keeping us busy

The Saturday Free-For-All Strikes Back!

WITHNAIL and TROLLS and '70s Comfort Food

Quibbling with Quibi

Sharing an American classic with the kids during quarantine

Feeling FEARLESS as we head into another quarantined weekend

Going viral with TIGER KING in the age of going viral

Stealing back a favorite film during quarantine

A lyrical look at life during wartime is today's QPOD

We've got a very quiet Quarantine Pick O'the Day

Truly, Madly, Thursday

We say goodbye to the great Stuart Gordon

Spending Saturday at the Overlook

Sunday Afternoon Head Games

We dream of sushi as we spend another day in quarantine

We take a slight turn to the dark with today's movie pick

A week in, have we even glimpsed the new normal yet?

Today's quarantine title is one of the greatest family films of all time

Why would we turn to movies during a time of crisis?

We try to find the absurdity in the end of the world with today’s choice

Quarantine continues with Jeunet's magical love story AMÉLIE

We kick off our self-quarantine with Robert Altman's delightful POPEYE

'The Hunt' works best as tongue-in-cheek trash

Did superhero movies kill the movie star?

Looking for comfort as Hollywood contends with COVID-19

Dear Dad...

It's a man's world in month #2 of the Formerly Dangerous Movie Club

Whose film is INDIANA JONES 5?

How much Star Wars do you actually care about?

Empathy Should Be Baked Into Film Fandom… So Why Isn’t It?

Leigh Whannell's 'Invisible Man' is a smart and thrilling must-see

No, we don't 'need' a new Matrix film, but do we 'need' any movie?

When did Jon Favreau become one of Hollywood's biggest innovators?

If you squint, Steve Bannon could totally be Taylor Swift

What's your movie or TV comfort food?

Why It Wasn't Hard To Say Goodbye To 'The Good Place'

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How much time do you give an 'almost'?

The titles for month two of the FDMC are...

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